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”I just want to thank you for all the help I get from yoga, I am so happy that I found it and you, it really feels right to me. I have many years of stress, old injuries and near-burnout to battle against, and I’ve tried lots of different ways over the years but it is not until now it feels a hundred percent like I’m headed in the right direction. Yoga is the best thing that has happened to me!
Many greetings”
Malin A

”Give yourself an hour – you’re worth it .. For me, yoga has been a completely new experience. The fact that I tried was mostly by chance, it was not a conscious choice that made me try it out. And perhaps, therefore, the pleasure and astonishment has become so much bigger. Before I started I had a vague idea of what it would be like, but I had never imagined that it would give so much in terms of relaxation, body control, and indeed strength. Going to yoga after a stressful day at work allows me to recharge my batteries. After the class I have new energy and a soothing calm to be able to deal with things.”
Anders Magnusson

”Lena is my link to eternity;)”
Tina Burgerhout

”Yoga creates positive contrasts, you find an inner and outer calm, you get energy, you have control over your entire body but still feel free and relaxed, leaving class with motivation, strength and joy and a longing for the next class.”
Louise Green

”I think yoga is great, I LÖÖÖVE IT!”
Helene Lagerstam

”Hey Lena!
I think you understand that I am completely sold! I love yoga! I think it’s wonderful to be in down dog and have one leg up in the air and after a while hardly know what’s up and down but still feel that I have full control of my body! A wonderful feeling! Ever since I was little I have been nimble and very busy with gymnastics as a child. Of course, this agility declined over the years .... Now I notice, however, one major difference from before I started doing yoga. The last two times I have been much softer and been able to go deeper in a number of exercises which of course feels great! I am a very stressed out soul who need to learn to relax and find peace. With a little practice, I am convinced that yoga will help me with this.
You, as an instructor are very good! Very clear in your instructions, calm and encouraging. In addition, it is very clear that you are passionate about what you do and it has a great effect on us!
Have a great day! ”

”For me, yoga is an excellent way to stretch the body, clear the mind and recharge with new energy. It tends to lead to my becoming more creative .. ”
Elisabeth Igeby

”Hey Lena!
I’m so glad you launched yoga in Bjärred, I hardly miss a class. How it has affected me I’m not sure, but I think the yoga helps me to maintain flexibility and mobility in the body. I like your pleasant voice when you – clear and good – instruct us, I like the lighted candles and sky and the budding trees outside the windows.
So thank you for this semester and hope it’ll work out with a studio in the fall. Regards”
Eva Bergstrand

”Hey Lena!
I have definitely been ”bitten”. I thought yoga would be too slow for me to like it – but at least I wanted to try. It feels so good to stretch out and ”take care” of the whole body & unwind. You are very good at explaining just enough and show clearly/educational and vary the exercises. I can definitely see myself continuing in spring if time & space suits.”
Eva Danielson

”Hi, Lena!
I am so pleased with both the yoga and instructions from you, I think you explain in the best way ....!!!
Thanks to these ten times, looking forward to yoga in the fall! ”
Rebecca Sjöstedt

”Hello My dear!
I think yoga has allowed me to improve my posture and increased my mobility. It feels like yoga creates a sort of body ”rejuvenation” :-)
Have a great day! ”
Hugs, Tove Janzon Rusch

”I really enjoy your yoga. Yoga means a lot to me. I feel much smoother in the body and more energetic. My pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders disappeared, thanks to yoga. At work, I sit in front of the computer a lot. ”
Eva Jönnerheim

”Yoga means a lot to me. I become calmer, more relaxed and taking in other people better if I do yoga/meditation.
Lena’s instructions are very clear and good. You can go deep into yourself and trust that you understand what she means. Very good. The pace of lessons are calm and good. A nice flow. I become calmer, softer and more empathetic when I do yoga/meditation. I feel more harmony in body and soul. I LOVE meditation. A pure pleasure for body and soul!”
Nina Nordberg

”Yoga is for me peace and freedom – a moment that allays the thoughts and gives me the opportunity to hear more inward. I feel more flexible after the sessions and i do sun-salutations regularly in the mornings, in order to be able to sit down and work all day. I feel more aware of my breathing and I use it when I face challenges in everyday life – it is quite impossible to hold a worry when one focus on deep breathing. Very liberating!”
Carin Laurin

”We started our conference with a yoga class in the morning. One hour of gentle yoga movements was a good start for the whole group. Afterwards I felt comfortable throughout the body. ”
Monika Carnehult, Lunds Energikoncernen



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